Tuesday, November 11, 2008

name hidden to protect the guilty

So lets talk about realm forums for a brief minute or two. Have you ever been to one of these? They can be found on the World Of Warcraft coummunity site. Just use the drop down menu. I love exploring the World of Warcraft Community Forums, especially the druid ones of course, and I get a lot of helpful info from these. We will talk about the druid ones later but right now I have to say a few things about realm forums.
I first accessed my realm forum when I was already level seventy and gathering tier four gear from kara, magtheradon and gruul so I came late to that place.
One of our officers posted a link to our realm forum because he had placed a recruitment ad there and wanted us to keep bumping it. Our guild is a lot of fun and we got a lot of new members because of the banter in that thread.
Over the year and a half or so that I visited that realm forum I noticed something very sad happen. Trolls invaded the forum.

If you don't know what a troll is, its a person who disguises him or herself from others and attacks people spitefully, irrationally and endlessly.
Where once our realm forum had been a thriving hotbed of information exchange and friendly banter it's now a dead zone where the trolls post amongst themselves and mourn the loss of the thriving community that has now left the forums.
The trolls, of course, cannot see the huge part they have played in this.
It is so easy to destroy something. It takes no brains, no craft, no skill.
These forum trolls worked hard to destroy morale amongst several guilds. I don't even think they realised for the most part what they were doing. They thought they were having fun.
It takes a lot more skill to build things, to craft them and to make them something strong and durable. If you are being trolled anywhere in your life stay strong, keep building and crafting what you love. Leave the trolls sulking under the bridge hidden in their silly gutless empty costumes.

dreams of trees and clouds

Yes!!! I finally went back to playing my resto druid two days ago after a one month long hiatus due to disheartenment with all the endless changes the devs made as they adjusted the class and spec, and once again found out that playing resto is amazingly uberlicious.
I know the devs will nerf us again, what with wildgrowth possibly getting a six second cool down (and who knows what else is in the wings), but who cares? There are so many other heals to use while wildgrowth is cooling down, and I found myself using almost all of them, even, still, the occasional healing touch + natures swiftness combo in a desperately needed moment. That was while downing Archimonde. I have healed several five mans, and several other 25 mans and ZA in those two days. Resto rocks.
So what will this blog be about? It will be about my adventures in WOW as a druid. It may occasionally have a dream in it, or a poem, or a reflection about clouds, and their relationship to guild behaviour, which sometimes is as chaotic as clouds...so this blog is about druidry, guilds and clouds etc, possibly intersected with an occasional dream as it relates to my life in WOW.
I also play a 70 shaman. She may enter the picture occasionally too because I will be levelling both my beloved Druid and my Shaman to eighty in WotLK. Both characters are currently specced as healers at this time.

ps the image comes from a google search on images of dreams and trees which linked back to this site: